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Congratulations Dr. Victor Chen and Dr. Elio Guiterrez: San Juan Unified School District MVP’s

The San Juan Unified School District’s Family and Community Engagement Department recognizes its “Most Valued Partners” during the Spring Families Matter Conference. The event honors organizations that are committed to engaging and connecting with students, families, and staff throughout the 2023-24 school year. This year’s partners were recognized over several categories for their resources and support with youth programs, staff professional development, and family education. The 2023-24 honor was awarded to Kaiser Permanente’s Mental Health Training Program Postdoctoral Residents, Drs. Victor Chen and Elio Guiterrez.

Drs. Chen and Guiterrez provided a series of workshops focusing on mental health with some concentrations in anxiety and depression. The workshops were conducted in-person and online, including conducting some entirely in Spanish.  Dr. Chen reflected on the experience positively. He spoke about how concerned the parents where regarding their children’s mental health. He reflected on his own upbringing and how limited mental health information and support was growing up.   He also reflected on how creating a space for discussion and dialogue fostered conversations for parents to speak up and seek help and knowledge on how to help their children and intervene appropriately.

Dr. Guiterrez spoke about how wonderful it was to see such a large turnout from the Latinx community.  He reflected on the diverse community members who attended and the overall diversity of participants.  He recalled fondly of the interest, willingness to learn, and vulnerability of the parents and students who attended their workshops. Over the course of their time facilitating workshops, Drs. Chen and Guitierrez also had the opportunity to bring in other trainees and practicum students to assist in leading the workshops in hopes to attract future workshop leaders and continue this valuable community partnership.

Congratulations Dr. Victor Chen and Dr. Elio Guiterrez on your recognition as San Juan Unified School District MVP’s and thank you for your commitment to community outreach!

Contributed by Raichill Norgrove, Doctoral Intern, NSA Vallejo, JEDI Trainee Liaison

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