September 29, 2022
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Multicultural Supervision: Framework, Techniques, and Challenges

This workshop begins by laying the groundwork for multiculturally competent supervision, focusing on the ways in which such supervision is an ethical imperative and consistent with the competencies movement and guidelines on the provision of effective supervision. Attention is then paid to multicultural supervision competencies such as creating a multiculturally informed supervisory environment, offering multicultural education, applying the ADDRESSING+ framework, incorporating cultural formulations, and attending to the self of the supervisor and the supervisee. The focus then shifts to supervisory techniques aligned with effective multicultural supervision including forging a strong supervisory relationship, focusing on the triadic relationship, enhancing multicultural awareness, and addressing power dynamics. This is followed by a discussion of the challenges to implementing multiculturally competent supervision. The pertinent research is reviewed. Throughout the workshop, vignettes are used to highlight the points. The audience is engaged in self-reflective activities related to their competence the conduct of supervision that is multiculturally competent, culturally humble, and attuned to and inclusive of diversity.

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