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Mental Health Fellowship

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South San Francisco

West Bay Consortium (San Francisco and South San Francisco)

Located in Daly City just south of San Francisco, SSF PSY is on the BART line. Our building is spacious and beautiful, we boast ocean views and a workout room. We are a short drive from downtown San Francisco.

The patient population consists of Kaiser Health Plan members and represents a broad ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic spectrum. All age groups and virtually all psychiatric categories are represented. The ethnic diversity of our patient population is broad and includes African Americans, Latinas/Latinos, Pacific Islanders and other Asians, as well as Caucasians. Our patients include monolingual families who speak languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Tagalog.

Program Highlights

South San Francisco Psychiatric and Addiction Medicine teams are proud of the integrated team approach we cultivate and utilize in our clinic. From our triage team to providers of direct clinical services, we work together to meet the needs of the population we serve in a comprehensive and effective manner. We rely on the expertise of each team member and communication within the team to effectively treat the diverse population with which we work. Our training team strives to include fellows as team members in both the development of skill and in the recognition that each fellow has their own strength and skill set to contribute to the team as a whole.

Our clinic is one of few integrated Kaiser providers, housing Child Psychiatry, AMRS (Chemical Dependency), and Adult Psychiatry all under the same roof. This allows us to provide our fellows with access to multiple forms of experience including the ability to obtain experience in child and family therapy as well as addiction medicine and recovery. Our clinic provides individual therapy as well as process and skill-based groups with a focus on CBT, DBT, ACT, relationship skills, work stress and Trauma Skills. Additionally, our program includes Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for both children and adults. IOP provides services to recently hospitalized individuals and/or people at risk for hospitalization. The members of the staff represent a variety of theoretical orientations ranging from psychodynamic to cognitive behavioral therapy. Fellows will have the opportunity to experience multiple modalities and treatment types.

We are looking for enthusiastic applicants committed to enhancing and refining their clinical capabilities. The ideal applicant is committed to completing the full year of training in our department.

Clinical Service Opportunities

  • Individual / Group Psychotherapy with Adults
  • Group Psychotherapy in Chemical Dependency
  • Group Psychotherapy in Child Psychiatry
  • Individual / Group Psychotherapy with Children
  • Group Psychotherapy in Chemical Dependency
  • Group Psychotherapy in Adult Psychiatry
  • Individual / Group Psychotherapy with AMRS
  • Group Psychotherapy in Child Psychiatry
  • Group Psychotherapy in Adult Psychiatry

Specialty Tracks

  • Rotation into Adult Psychiatry
  • Rotation into Child Psychiatry
  • Rotation into Chemical Dependency


  • Direct Patient Care: up to 20 hours per week
  • Up to 10 hours individual therapy
  • Up to 10 hours group therapy
  • Non-Patient Care: ~10 hours
  • Individual Supervision: 2 hours
  • Group Supervision: 2 hours
  • Didactic Training: 2 hours
  • Community Benefit Project: 32 hours per year

Didactic Training

  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Psychopharmacology- Role of Medications
  • Mindfulness and Compassion Based Therapy
  • Working with Eating Disorders
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Risk assessment: Suicidal Ideation, Homicidal Ideation, Tarasoff Warning , Self-Harm Strategies and Interventions
  • Service Provision in the Emergency Room

Current Opportunities

Position Program Track(s) Location(s)
Adult OR Child/Adolescent OR AMRS (3 Positions) Job #1149902 Associate Post Masters Mental Health Fellowship Addiction Medicine Recovery Services, Adult, Adult Outpatient, Child South San Francisco



2001 Junipero Serra Blvd Suite 500
Daly City, CA 94014

Training Director

David Scheid, LCSW
Training Program Director