Postdoctoral Residency

Cutting Edge

Union City

South East Bay Consortium (Union City, San Leandro and Fremont)

  • We have beautifully landscaped, updated and renovated medical centers with easy access to numerous Bay Area communities, parks and recreational activities.
  • Union City is centrally located in the “heart” of the Bay Area and has free ample parking.
  • Fremont medical office is near a BART station, shops, restaurants and Lake Elizabeth.
  • Residents have access to the gym and exercise classes offered on campus.
  • Seasonal Farmer’s Markets at both campus locations.
  • Our medical centers have one of the most diverse memberships in Northern California.
  • Fremont has a large deaf community, home to California School for the Deaf.
  • Our patients are often coming for mental health treatment for the first time in their lives and truly appreciate the help that we offer.

Program Highlights

Member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC)

  • Our leadership is strong and supportive.
  • We have a vibrant, creative, multicultural and multidisciplinary team culture.
  • Our Mental Health Departments traditionally receives the highest member satisfaction ratings of all the Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Departments in Northern California.
  • Highly Experienced, Senior Level Staff Supervisors
  • Psychological Assessment Supervisor in Union City- Adult Team is a Clinical Neuropsychologist
    We value your training experience and seek your feedback so we may improve your experience and the residency program.
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Initial assessments/ diagnostic clinical interviews
  • Psychological testing and assessment services
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Consultation and integration with medication management, neuropsychologist, case management, crisis services, medical and hospital consultation services, addiction medicine and intensive outpatient services.


  • We know you have a personal life and will accommodate your work/life balance.
  • Your clinical duties will be tailored to your clinical interests and goals.
  • You will have the opportunity to shadow ED staff in the Emergency Department and learn about Hospital Consultation Services.
  • You will be provided with considerable mentorship and group supervision focuses on professional development, EPPP, job search and licensing prep.
  • You will have 1 hour a week of unsupervised socialization with the other postdoctoral residents in Union City & Fremont.

Clinical Service Opportunities

Opportunities for Clinical Services

  • Initial Clinical Diagnostic Assessments
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Psychoeducational Classes
  • Psychological Consultation
  • Psychological Testing
  • Child & Family Therapy (Child Teams Only)

Sample of Group Programing in Union City

  • Over 35 + Mental Health Groups
  • DBT
  • CBT for Depression
  • Worry Group
  • Seeking Safety
  • OCD Group
  • Social Anxiety Group
  • Mastering Anxiety & Panic
  • Dual Dx Groups
  • Positive Aging Group
  • New Moms Group
  • Complicated Grief Group
  • ADHD Skills Class
  • Transgender Support Group
  • CBT for Psychosis
  • Job Problem Group
  • Mindfulness
  • Finding Balance for Bipolar
  • Plus, additional health educational programing

Specialty Tracks

Clinical duties will include, clinical diagnostic assessments and interviews, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and psychological testing assessments. In addition, residents will attend clinical case conferences and clinical meetings with the professional team.

Clinical duties will include initial child and family assessments, family and child psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and child focused psychological assessments.  In addition, residents will to attend clinical case conferences and clinical service meetings with the professional team.


  • Direct Patient Care: 20 hours
  • Training Activities: 20 hours
  • Individual Supervision: 2 hours
  • Group Supervision: 2 hours
  • Assessment Supervision: 1 hour
  • Didactic Training: 2 hours
  • Weekly Social Hour: 1 hour
  • Dedicated report writing time
  • License Prep Time
  • Community Benefit Project: 32 hours per year

Flexible work hours:

Adult Residents: may choose between 5- eight-hour work days or 4- ten-hour work days with Fridays off

Child Residents: may choose between 5- eight-hour work days or 4- ten-hour work days with Fridays off

AMRS Residents: will work 5 days a week, with two evenings per week required

Didactic Training

Weekly Didactics led by local Expert Psychologists

  • Psychopharmacology
  • Health Psychology & Integrated Medicine
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Hospital Consultation & Emergency Services
  • Patient Informed Management of Suicide Risk
  • Cutting Edge Treatments for Anxiety, Depression
  • Social & Cultural Bases of Behavior
  • Cultural values of South Asians & Mental Health
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Building Social Skills for Young Children
  • CBT for Psychosis
  • Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD
  • Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Mastering Your Work/Life Balance

Selected Trainings from Regional Training Schedule

  • Law and Ethics
  • EPPP License Preparation for Statistics and Research
  • Cutting Edge of Mind Body Medicine
  • Sleep Disorders, Obesity and Inflammation
  • Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness

Current Opportunities

Position Program Track(s) Location(s)
Adult Team Postdoctoral Residency Adult Union City



  • South East Bay Consortium Accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Questions related to the program’s accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation: Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation American Psychological Association 750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 Phone: (202) 336-5979 / E-mail: Web:


Union City
3555 Whipple Road, Building A
Union City, CA 94587

San Leandro
777 Davis Street
San Leandro, CA 94577

Training Director

Allison B. Pentecost, PsyD
Consortium and Training Program Director