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The East Bay Oakland Medical Center is in the central portion of the city near public transit. Oakland is noted for its long-standing diversity. Oakland also prides itself on being more affordable than San Francisco. It’s near enough that the resources of San Francisco are easily accessible after work when wanted or needed.

The clinic serves as the primary clinic for the cities of Oakland and Berkeley and smaller surrounding towns. As an organization, Kaiser Permanente serves over 4 million people in Northern California. The total population served by Kaiser Permanente in Oakland and Richmond (those who are health plan members, which, as noted, closely match the broader population) is approximately 1 million persons.


Program Highlights

The Multi-Specialty Transitions (MST) Department at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center is a regional hub for gender-affirming medical care for youth and adults in Northern CA. The clinic’s mental health model is rooted in self-determination and informed consent, and providers on this team support patients holistically as they pursue gender affirming medical care. The mental health service in the clinic also closely collaborate with medical providers to offer a range of services that support patients’ emotional and psychological well-being. These services are affirmative, sex-positive, respectful and culturally sensitive.

The clinic team consists of mental health providers as well as clinicians from surgery, internal medicine, endocrinology, gynecology, social work, and nursing, who work together to provide comprehensive healthcare for Kaiser Permanente members needing gender-affirming health care services

A mental health clinician in this role has the opportunity to provide the following services:

  • Conduct informing sessions for gender affirming medical care including hormones and surgeries for youth and adults
  • Provide ongoing support for patients as they prepare for and recover from gender affirming surgeries
    Facilitate support groups
  • Short term psychotherapy with youth and adults
  • Present mental health and wellness material at surgical education classes
  • Provide support for youth and families navigating decisions related to medical and social transition
  • Coordinate care across an interdisciplinary team of providers
  • Develop patient education material and resources


  • Direct Patient Care 14 hours
  • Non-Direct Patient Care 4 hours
  • Individual Supervision 2 hours
  • Group Supervision 2 hours
  • Didactic Experiences 2 hours


280 W. MacArthur Blvd
Oakland , CA 94611

Training Director

Myron Hays PhD
Consortium Director

Jillian Goldstein LCSW
Training Director