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Union City is known as the “heart of the San Francisco Bay,” and is centrally located in the South East Bay between Fremont and San Leandro.  Oakland is 21 miles north, San Francisco is 30 miles northwest and San Jose is 21 miles south.  The Fremont and San Leandro clinics are accessible by Bay Area Rapid Transit, while Union City has ample free parking available.  The Doctoral Internship is primarily located in Union City, with some training experiences offered in our San Leandro and Fremont clinics.  Weekly travel between clinics is expected.  The area is known for its easy access to local parks and recreation, including Lake Elizabeth in Fremont and Lake Chabot near San Leandro.  Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley and Costal Big Sur are all within driving distance.

Program Highlights

The Union City Internship at Kaiser Permanente offers a Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology, with an inaugural class to begin in the fall of 2024.

Our site has been training psychologists since the 1980s and is part of the larger regional mental health training programs at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.  Our leadership is strong and supportive, and our clinical supervisors are leaders in their field with cutting edge knowledge and experience.  Our team is vibrant, creative, and integrative, and very welcoming of psychologists in training.

Our work is driven by the application of research and evidence-based therapies in delivering cutting edge patient care. We specialize in empirically based, symptom-focused brief therapy. Our setting provides training in a fast paced, dynamic environment, focused on evidence-based outpatient therapy in a medical center.

Our staff and supervisors develop collaborative, encouraging relationships with supervisees, while supporting professional development and growth. Our psychologists have diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, placing emphasis on training in CBT, DBT, and ACT.

Psychology doctoral interns are assigned cases from the broad and diverse patient population addressing needs related to the treatment of mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma, aging, lifespan development, adjustment, crisis, work or life stress, developmental disorders, sleep disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorder, bipolar disorders, substance use disorders, sexual and gender identity disorders, dissociative disorders, and eating disorders.

Psychology doctoral interns are provided with opportunities to learn and apply various evidence-based practices, including Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems, Emotion Focused Therapy, Attachment Based Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and positive psychology based interventions.

Clinical Service Opportunities

All Psychology Doctoral Interns will receive extensive training in and participate in the following:

  • Clinical Diagnostic Assessments
  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy
  • Individual and group supervision
  • Community Benefit & Outreach Project
  • Program Evaluation Project

All Psychology Doctoral Interns, are required to complete neurocognitive and/or psychodiagnostic assessment during the training year. Based on training experience you may have the opportunity to participate in:

  • ADHD assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Memory Assessment
  • Bariatric Assessment

Specialty Tracks

The Union City Doctoral Internship offers two simultaneous clinical tracks throughout the training year, with Doctoral Interns spending half time on the adult team and the other half on the child team.  Doctoral interns will be supervised by a psychologist from both the adult team and the child team and will remain on each team for the full 12-month duration of their internship year.

Our dual track position allows the intern to carry clinical cases longer and to continuously advance in their clinical training across the patient population life span throughout the full internship training program.

Graduates of our program will have been trained as clinical generalists in Health Service Psychology and will be well suited for postdoctoral work in a variety of clinical settings, including hospital, managed care, counseling centers, community mental health and private practice.

Many of our trainees choose to continue their careers at Kaiser Permanente and our location offers an APA- Accredited Postdoctoral Residency Program.

Doctoral Interns will spend half of their clinical time on the adult service team.  Clinical duties will include, clinical diagnostic assessments and interviews, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and psychological testing assessments.

In addition, they will attend clinical case conferences and clinical meetings with the professional team.

Doctoral Interns will spend half of their clinical time on the child and family service team.  Clinical duties will include initial child and family assessments, family and child psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and child focused psychological assessments.

In addition, they will to attend clinical case conferences and clinical service meetings with the professional team.


  • Direct Patient Care: 20 hours
  • Non-Patient Care: 10 to 12 hours
  • Individual Supervision: 2 hours
  • Group Supervision: 2 hours
  • Assessment Supervision: 1 hour
  • Didactic Training: 2 hours
  • License Prep: 1-2
  • Clinical case conference, weekly
  • Clinical team meetings, weekly
  • Community Benefit Project: 2 hours monthly
  • Program Evaluation Project: 2 hours monthly
  • Dedicated intern socialization hour, weekly

Doctoral Interns’ schedules will be planned in consultation with their clinical supervisor based on the interns’ training interests and goals.   Interns are not expected to work more than 40 hours per week, while some evening work is expected.

M-F 8 AM to 8 PM (exact hours vary by day and rotation, with most being 830-530 M-F).

Didactic Training

Presented by highly skilled professionals:

  • Psychopharmacology
  • Determining Psychiatric Disability
  • Chronic Pain Treatments
  • Telepsychology Best Practice 101
  • Cultivating Cultural Competency: South Asians and Mental Health Services
  • Transgender Health Care
  • Self-Care as a Psychologist
  • CBT for Dysfunctional Anger
  • Patient informed management of suicide risk
  • Health Psychology and Integrated Medicine
  • The Joyful Brain
  • Mastering Work/Life Balance as you Succeed in Your Career


Union City Mental Health & Wellness (Primary Location)
3555 Whipple Road, Building A, 2nd Floor
Union City, CA 94587

San Leandro Mental Health & Wellness
777 Davis Street, 1st and 2nd Floors
San Leandro, CA 94577

Fremont Mental Health & Wellness
39350 Civic Center Drive (at Walnut Avenue), 2nd Floor -Reception
Fremont, CA 94538

Training Director

Allison B. Pentecost, PsyD
Doctoral Internship Director, Postdoctoral Residency Training Director and Consortium Director, South East Bay Consortium



Training Team

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