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Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Pre-Master’s Internship Programs are site specific, and can include training in Psychiatry, Clinical Case Management Services, and Addiction Medicine and Recovery Services. All training sites provide brief individual, group and family therapy, and crisis intervention services, as well as other specialty psychiatry services including Intensive Outpatient Services and ongoing treatment for chronic conditions. The Pre-Master’s Training Program aligns with the intern’s stated training goals in the context of their Master’s program field placement requirements.

The internship typically begins with a comprehensive onboarding and shadowing process and transitions into opportunities for interns to provide direct clinical practice in both individual and group settings, through weekly supervision, on-going evaluations, and weekly didactic seminars in a supportive and structured environment. Selection of cases and size of caseload is carefully adjusted to the intern’s readiness and training needs as determined by the training supervisor. All trainees are expected to comply with regional and local policies and procedures, and comply with the Code of Ethics and state laws pertaining to the delivery of mental health services.

In addition to attending weekly didactic seminars, interns are expected (invited?) to attend approximately 6 half-day regional training seminars during their training year with their training program cohorts, assuming they don’t conflict with other graduate program requirements. These seminars are held in Oakland and are attended by other Kaiser Post-Master’s Fellows, Psychology Practicums and Interns, Post-Doctoral Residents, as well as supervising licensed mental health clinicians. Regional seminar topics include ethics, supervision, cultural competence and advances in integrated care.

Pre-Masters Stipend: $5,500

Program Mission

The mission of Kaiser Permanente’s Pre-Master’s Training Programs is to provide Pre-Master’s Interns with training opportunities that prepare them for future roles as licensed mental health clinicians in an integrated healthcare system. Pre-Master’s Interns are exposed to a diverse community of patients with complex demands and are trained by advanced clinicians to provide comprehensive psychiatric services within a highly integrated, multidisciplinary healthcare system. The Pre-Master’s Training Programs work closely with (approved) Master’s programs to ensure interns are able to apply classroom learning in supervised clinical practice settings.

Program Requirements

All interns must be in advanced standing in at least their second year of their Master’s program, and must have some prior training in as a mental health intern or counselor delivering outpatient psychotherapeutic services. Interns must also have had prior training the following areas:

  • Mental Status Evaluation
  • Mandated Reporting
  • Suicide/Homicide/Danger Assessment
  • Domestic Violence
  • Ethics
  • DSM/Psychopathology
  • Personality and Psychological Development
  • Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy
  • Chemical Dependency

Evaluations and Program Surveys

Primary Supervisors are responsible for completing intern evaluations in collaboration with the rest of the training staff and in line with their Master’s program requirements. Supervisors typically use a competency-based supervision model and are directed to augment the school’s evaluation tools, if necessary, to ensure that all training goals are met. All efforts are made to provide ongoing feedback to interns throughout their field placement. Interns also have an opportunity to evaluate their program twice a year.

Training Program Start/End Dates

Start and End dates may vary based on schools