August 30, 2022
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Clinical Supervision: Selected Topics

Multicultural humility is the lens through which the competency areas of clinical supervision will be addressed. Emphasis is on enhancing competence in tele-supervision and telehealth through identifying best practices, providing constructive feedback, balancing hierarchy with collaboration, infusing meta-competence, respectful discourse, and ongoing feedback and enhancing supervision in an episode-of-care model.

  • A focus on telehealth considerations in supervision
  • Strategies for providing meaningful constructive feedback to trainees
  • Cultural considerations in supervision
  • Conducting supervision in an episode-of-care model

Note: This is considered a supplemental training and not a replacement of our 6-hour annual Supervision Course  

This training satisfies 2 of the 6 CE hours required for Supervision Training

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