May 9, 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity: Incorporating Feedback and Collaborative Care

Dr. Todd Disney PsyD has worked at Kaiser for over 17 years. He was previously a member of the Child and Family team at the Santa Rosa Kaiser. He recently started at the Kaiser Permanente Counseling Center as a Clinical Supervisor.

During his time in Santa Rosa, he focused largely on Narrative family therapy, gender care, worked in intensive outpatient services and as a lead with Feedback Informed Care (FIC). Dr. Disney was exposed to the common factors research and feedback informed treatment (FIT) early in his career and this has been one of the biggest influences on his clinical care and professional development. He had the opportunity became a part of the team that piloted the use of outcome questionnaires at Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Disney then became a part of the Performance Excellence Group (PEG) regional team that focuses on the development and training of the Feedback Informed Care (FIC) model. He helped to co-develop the Pediatric Outcome Questionnaire (POQ), worked on FIC initiatives, and became the Northern California FIC regional Lead for the child and family departments. These duties included training facilities in FIC throughout Northern California, developing national resources and consultation, ran quarterly regional meetings for FIC leads, and was a part of the regional performance excellence leadership team.

Dr. Disney will also complete a program with Scott Miller to be a certified trainer for FIT in September 2023. In his current position at the Kaiser Permanente Counseling Center as a clinical supervisor, he incorporates outcome research and feedback into his training with the clinical interns which focuses on how we use the principals that have the highest leverage on change in our clinical encounters.