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Inclusive Resource for Trainees and Staff

Entering a new work environment can at times feel lonely and overwhelming. Fostering a sense of community is essential for people to be successful in their careers and maintain progress towards future goals. Kaiser Permanente offers the opportunity to become a member of one of the business resource groups as a way access to networking events and increase staff sense of belonging. Kaiser Permanente’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) foster a culture of belonging, growth, and empowerment in the workplace since 1989. All employees and physicians are encouraged to participate in the BRGs to access inclusive pathways and programs that connect KP’s workforce in meaningful and trusting ways. Becoming a member of one of the business resource groups provides space for networking, fostering community, and engaging with supportive environments. Some examples of groups to join include the Women Empowered @KP group, Pride @ KP group, Black @ KP, and Veterans @ KP group. Many of the groups have scheduled events that take place year-round that encourage member participation to increase access to fun and engaging activities.

You can find information for the groups and instructions on how to join here:

BRG Program Hub – Home (

Contributed by Erica Carroll, Associate Post Master’s Mental Health Fellow, MHTP JEDI Trainee Liaison

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