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Meet Adryan Caron, MHTP Clinical Supervisor

This month we are very excited to spotlight another member of the Northern California Mental Health Training Program team in the Clinical Supervisor role, Adryan Caron, LMFT (she/her). Ms. Caron completed her bachelor’s degree at UC Santa Barbara with a double major in Sociology and Religious Studies.  She realized her passion for mental health after serving 2.5 years in the Peace Corps in Botswana Africa. During her service she provided counseling services to individuals with HIV and AIDS and deepened her understanding of the international health crisis.  Upon her return, she earned her master’s degree in psychology from Cal Poly in San Louis Obispo in 2010. Her favorite part of her work includes “watching passionate and bright trainees figure out their strengths and use them to serve our diverse community” while guiding them as they put these gifts directly into action with patients. She began her work as a Clinical Supervisor in the Sacramento and Roseville areas in November of 2023, and has begun working to develop a Gender Health Competency Training for the MHTP.  She states, “I hope to help design a program that fosters competency in gender-affirming care fundamentals for interested trainees and provides opportunities to collaborate on gender health intakes to help our trans and gender-expansive members meet their healthcare goals”.

Ms. Caron has a deep passion for the LGBTQ+ population and identifies as a proud member and ally of the LGBTQ+ population herself. Her clinical work has afforded her the opportunity to utilize her knowledge of trauma, attachment and relationships, and professional development with her patients and trainees.  She also enjoys the learning opportunities that come from working with her colleagues and trainees, as well as her instructional role as a supervisor. When reflecting on her own training and career trajectory, she states “I wish someone had encouraged me to specialize or get certified in more approaches early in my career”. Now, she reports that she is enjoying her work developing a specialty area of training so other trainees get these types of opportunities. Ms. Caron grew up in the Bay Area but has become very attached to her Sacramento community since moving there in 2018. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her siblings, being an active member of her local women’s social club, traveling, fine dining, and fostering her interior design skills. Ms. Caron acknowledges that there can be such an impact for patients and trainees when compassionate, humble, and knowledgeable clinicians work together to transform the lives of others!

Thank you, Ms. Caron, for all your dedication to our trainees! Your passion for LGBTQ+ training and specialization is much appreciated!

Contributed by Chelsea Valinskis, PsyD

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