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Spotlight on Amanda Devane, Ph.D.

The Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Training Programs (MHTP) is excited to highlight former trainee and current co-Training Director Amanda Devane, PhD (she/her) and share her contributions to the Napa-Solano trauma track, one of the cutting-edge treatment options for KP patients with trauma histories. Dr. Devane began her KP journey as a predoctoral intern at Kaiser Permanente Fresno. She then completed her postdoctoral residency at KP Vallejo and is now employed as a licensed psychologist at KP Fairfield. She remains heavily involved in the training programs, serving as an individual supervisor for the Napa-Solano postdoctoral residency program, the Co-Training Director for the Napa-Solano predoctoral internship program, and as the Regional Mental Health Training Program Liaison focusing on developing specialty training in trauma treatment and incorporating specialty training into trainees’ experiences.

The NSA trauma track has grown significantly since Dr. Devane became involved. As a postdoctoral resident, Dr. Devane completed her program evaluation on the outcomes from the trauma track’s Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) protocol. She looked at self-reported Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms to see if members were reporting improvements and gathered qualitative data on reasons for dropping out of treatment. The results indicated that CPT significantly reduced PTSD symptoms and provided valuable information on why members may not complete treatment. The reduction in symptoms was so impressive that it fostered the growth of the trauma program, making a business case that this was a track to invest in. Additionally, the NSA’s trauma track has been a model for the development of other trauma tracks in the region and has facilitated growth in training opportunities for trainees interested in treating PTSD. As a staff member, Dr. Devane continues to provide trauma treatment and measure program outcomes in NSA. She is working on publishing her findings on treatment drop out in a scientific journal and is presenting the NSA trauma track’s outcomes at the 2023 International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies annual meeting.

Dr. Devane is hopeful that the program will continue to expand within NSA, and that the data and protocol will allow for trauma tracks to be developed and expanded in other regions as well. She emphasizes that she is just one provider in this incredible track and that it would not exist without the hard work of Adriana Weyandt, Psy.D., Sabrina Espinoza, Psy.D., and Jamin Zywiciel, LCSW, who piloted the trauma track and graciously allowed Dr. Devane to join as a postdoctoral resident. Matthew Holve, MD, NSA Chief of Psychiatry, was also instrumental to the development of the trauma track. His unwavering support has allowed this program to continue to grow. The NSA trauma track provides immeasurable benefit to KP members dealing with trauma-related symptoms and is an incredible training opportunity for our MHTP NSA trainees.

Contributed by Micaela Birt, Psy.D.

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