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Focus on Specialty Training

We are excited to share that the Regional Mental Health Training Program is launching our 3rd year of specialty training in bariatrics. This specialized bariatric training track focuses on multidisciplinary bariatric care and is concentrated at four Kaiser Permanente medical centers. These designated centers of expertise are in Fresno, Richmond, South Sacramento, and South San Francisco.

The specialty bariatric surgery training program rotation offers psychology doctoral interns and postdoctoral residents an opportunity to gain experience about the bariatric surgery process, weight loss surgeries, criteria to qualify for bariatric surgery, and the diet and lifestyle changes one must make before and after surgery.The trainees in this specialty program are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team (i.e., surgeons, registered dieticians, nurses, psychologists, medical assistants) who educate and support patients as they prepare for weight loss surgery. The bariatric surgery process is an example of how psychologists bring a unique skill set to assessing if patients are ready and appropriate for a medical procedure. The Bariatric Department is one of several medical departments that benefit from having a psychologist involved in the evaluation and treatment process, and we are eager to launch our next cohort of trainees.

Contributed by Susan Fitts, Psy.D. and Supria Gill Ph.D

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